iPermit offers Permit Expediting Services for all of California. Our permit expediting services offer complete building permit and entitlement services for architects, restaurateurs, retailers, developers and owners through out the State of California, including Sacramento County, San Diego, the Bay Area, and the Southern California region.

Our company, iPermit, formerly Stratz Permit Services, has a 30-year track record of pulling permits so contractors can focus their skills and support staff on billable jobs. Our expert staff has pulled more than 250,000 permits serving hundreds of clients in all counties of California.

Centrally located in Los Angeles, our Southern California offices offer entitlement, zoning, land use, planning and permit expediting throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara Counties.

We get California building permits faster by simplifying the difficult and complicated building permit process. Our experts are local to your area, so we know the people and procedures that get your projects approved.

Our expert team of project managers can handle all of the submitals and paperwork while coordinating between city, county, and local government bodies.  We have a clear understanding of the building code, permit fees and project requirements specific to each jurisdiction, which prevents those common delays in getting your projects approved.


  • We reduce your total cost for permits.
  • Eliminates long lines. We stand in line so you don’t have to (chuckle)
  • No need to pay an employee to fight traffic and drive from various building and safety departments.
  • Reduce paperwork and mailings.
  • Web-based means see your order status from new to pending, to scheduled and completed.
  • Automated web-based system to request permits from any county in California.
  • Our timely response ensures permits are pulled within 24 to 72 hours (including site plans and drawings).
  • An online repository of information allows our customers easy access 24/7 from any device
  • We prepare and record mechanic’s liens, as well as preliminary notices.
  • Need full servicing of your business license? We offer that, including acquisition, filing, and renewal.