iPERMIT is expanding its role in the construction field.  Before, we were solely a permit service that expedited permits for contractors.  Now, we are one of the largest HERS rating companies in California.  With over 100 HVAC contractors throughout California, currently using our services, we are now offering them a start to finish solution.

Summary of Position

Title:  HERS Rater

Overview: Certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Energy Raters working in specific territories throughout California. Our independent contractors will perform HERS and Title 24 verifications such as duct blasting and refrigerant charge tests.

Time/Hours:  Varies

Compensation:  Depending on work load.  Average about $50,000 – $60,000 annually


  • HERS I Certificate Mandatory, HERS II and BPI  a plus
  • Strong verbal communication skills.  Raters must interact regularly and confidently with homeowners, contractors and other interested parties.
  • EPA 608 Type II Certificate (Refrigerant Testing)
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work independently with minimal supervision


  • Check in with office daily to determine locations, times and jobs expected to be preformed
  • Conduct specific HERS verifications according to Title 24 protocols.
  • Explain the HERS verification process to contractors and complete all testing.

If needed we will provide you with all the equipment needed to perform all the tasks.  You will be responsible for your own car and a valid driver’s license.